See ya after Halloween!

We're not having an 'official' Tech-Party meeting at Lilly's this Wednesday, but feel free to go and enjoy the libations! Lilly's is a great place to hang out.

We'll be back the next Wednesday (11/7) with the usual toys and a neat presentation on the Tech Party website. If you're into it, explore the apps listed on our US -> About page. I am adding a page for each app with links to their site, help files, forums and so on so you can maximize your use of the resources.

Right now several of the apps are fully functional. We just got the recaptcha working so you can now register on the Forum.

There are 13 apps installed, so each week we will highlight one of them; How to use it, what we can do with it and discussion on how these apps might benefit your hobby or business.

There are a lot of things we do in Amateur hobbies that apply to Professional work. Play can lead to workable knowledge. Come play and learn, and perhaps teach something to someone else at the Tech Party.

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