December 5 Meeting notes

Well, this meeting was light but a great success! We had a few guests stop in and take a look at the server configuration demo. One employee had a light go on and realized he could build his own web site which is why I did the demo!

So, we successfully downloaded and flashed an SD card with Armbian for the Odroid HC1 server. I have a 120 GB SSD on it so it will be able to handle some things. This will be the production server for the web site, as well as a few other domains so we wanted to start it from scratch.

After the initial boot we let nmtui set up our wireless connection. What a beautiful gui - 2 minutes and we're on the wifi. We set up a static private IP on the hc1, named it ww2, and let armbian-config once again do its magic and transfer the system t the SSD.

We set the router to DMZ the hc1 so any traffic on that IP will go to our server. Neat! Its fqdn is then

Again using armbian-config we installed ISPConfig. What an awesome package! It allows hosting of multiple domains and automates a lot of ISP type tasks. Basically it will make it easier for me to administrate the tech-party and iot and other services. There will be a lot of this dot and that dot and participants.

DNS for the tech-party sites right now are at godaddy. But the system will have it's dns soa on one of these machines. I've not figured that out yet but it's not necessary yet either.

So now the server is ready to host our web sites! Next week we will be trying to implement our own dns server. Come on down!

Tracy N4LGH

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