December 12 Meeting Notes

Well, what a surprise!

I kinda expected last night to be a bar night for me at the Sing A Long at Lilly's Bar. Really, in the past as the Holiday gets closer more people are doing family things than tech things. But a young man and his dad showed up and made the whole evening a blast!

We simply reviewed some of the single board computers out there and talked a LOT about 'what would you do with one?" The light went on as we discussed the devices and he said "So, I can make just about anything I want?"


It was a joy watching the young man open his mind. They need this stuff, and I'm glad is pop thinks so as well!

Next meeting Jan 9

I'm going to take the next three weeks and enjoy the holiday ;]

The day after Christmas and the day after New Years are days I'd rather be somewhere else so I won't be at Lilly's ... but you can! They will be open and while the meeting room may not be available they always have seating. Lilly's is a great place to meet!

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