Meeting Room at Lilly's

We are tech
You are Tech

Some of us more than others, but we all have technical hurdles and expertise.

We started as a group of Amateur Radio Operators who wanted to keep a repeater on the air.  Over the months we got into projects and really had some fun.

Probably more talk than tech work but we learned a lot of stuff. After a while you just never knew what was going to happen at the tech party!

Unfortunately the real world has its hand in everything and businesses close, people retire, things happen that force change. Luckily for us, Lilly's has offered to make their meeting room our home.

Space Available

In the past we've had great times in locations where we only had a ping pong table to set up on. Here we have plenty of tables that we can arrange as we see fit along with plenty of available power.

With the meeting room doors pulled closed it is a very private room. While we mostly leave them open, we can close them if we're making a little noise or solder smoke, which is way more than we've been able to do at other restaurants we've met in.


We can arrange the tables as we need, there is a fairly decent sized monitor in one corner of the room and there is power available. With the doors mostly closed we can solder here!

Looking forward to seeing YOU next Tuesday.

We can do things here!

You can participate with us using the industry standard open source stuff installed here. We have a calendar, file share, collaborative code editor (great for training / help / demo) and some powerful tools.

You'll have to sign up for each individually, if anyone knows how to make a tool to bulk enroll please let me know!

Check out the toys and play, that's what they're here for.

Please keep in mind these are all experimental to us - some may be removed, some may have duplicate functionality and some we may not figure out how to use! By all means give feedback on what you think of these apps.

Feel like being an admin for one of 'em? Contact us!

We can connect to your hardware!

There are an increasing number of us playing with "IoT" equipment in a variety of forms. You may have a mesh repeater or a water sensor you would like to share. Perhaps a nature cam, or maybe a rocket altimeter that will only be live during launch.

I personally have a Software Defined Radio that I have shared on the net. It is available at
or (when implemented, and will be noted here ...) simply and click my link.

Coming as soon as we have some more things to connect to ... hint hint!!!


Activities available on

Codiad     -
                     collaborative coding

                     file sharing

Booked     -
                     activities calendar

Vanilla      -

DocuWiki -
                      peer to peer instruction

Hesk          -
                      help desk ticket system