10/17 Successes

Hi everyone!

Things started slow this Wednesday but we got some cool things done. Aside from exercising all the network we’re allotted, we got an OpenMediaVault server running on an Orange Pi Plus with a SCSI drive for the data.

All that done on an Odroid C2 with an hdmi to v ga adapter because I was a genious and forgot the extra hdmi cable ;]C2 and Orange Pi Plus

Seemed easy enough especially since we started with Armbian on the Orange Pi. This is great because armbian-config installs OpenMediaVault flawlessly so all we have to do is worry about configuring it properly.

It was mostly to show that these little computers can really get some work done in fine style.

The big deal is that the setup works and can be adjusted quickly to just about anything someone brings in. I think we’re definitely ready to start some advertising.

Speaking of which, what’s a good medium? I’m setting up a table at the Makers Fair next month so that might bring a little fun.

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