You Need Tech

Seriously. And your KIDS need tech even more. It's more than just cool, it's important to our future.

Our goal is to have an open discussion forum on all things tech. There is no standard entry point to any discipline; one can be a rank amateur in his field and teach a seasoned journeyman something new simply because the newbie had a different entry point. It's awesome.

We play with everything from small board computers to power supply analyzers. You never know what might end up happening at the tech party!

We do have a lot of small board computer and amateur radio enthusiasts and the robotics crowd, makers, 3d printing people and all sorts of techs. Variety is the spice of life, no?

Come join us. We'd love to talk tech with you!

RS-UV3A by HobbyPCB

All that ...

... and a plate of fries!

Have Lilly's famous Angus Burger and Shrimp right along with your project!

Remember, Lilly's is a fantastic restaurant with marvelous cocktails and entertainment. This place is way more than geek!